Don't Move-Improve

Don't Move-Improve

Turn your ordinary home into an ideal home with renovations and additions

Are you considering a move just to get more space or a new look? You don't have to move. You can improve your current home.

H & R Construction provides renovation, remodeling and room addition services in Yoakum, TX.

We renovate and remodel:

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Garages
  • Sunrooms and patio enclosures
  • Multiple rooms and whole homes

We also provide room additions, like new bedrooms or kitchens. With room additions and renovations, we can turn your old home into a stylish, accommodating ideal home. Call 361-772-5227 now to discuss our services.

Renovation specialties

We're experienced in two unique specialties: accessibility remodeling and historic rehabilitation. Be sure to consult with us if you are planning projects along these lines.

In accessibility remodeling, we make homes more accessible for people with disabilities. We'll give you a beautiful home that addresses your needs, tastes and lifestyle.

We also do historic rehabilitations, which involve restoring historic buildings. We treat these buildings with care and work to preserve them for future generations.